Drop!! Act 7

Act 7     A light crimson petal and a letter

The prototype glass containers were finally completed—— it was about 5 days after Cordelia went out to the town that she received this communication.

“That’s why I would like to call Master to the mansion sometime soon, but would that be alright?”

“Would it not do if I went to the town?”

“That won’t do. I’m afraid I’ll be killed by the master, so please give me a break. ……If you say that it won’t be good if we called for him, then please consider that receiving them in itself won’t be possible.”

After the morning lectures were over, in the greenhouse…… or not, in the experiment laboratory newly received from the Earl, Cordelia received basic training in analytical techniques from Ronnie. It seems that the newly received laboratory was originally one of the detached buildings, with a structure of two floors above ground and one basement floor. After being renovated perhaps, all the floors became in the form of one floor one room. It was a laboratory facility that seemed easy to use, equipped with chairs and desks, and there was even a washroom on the first floor.  

Otou-sama, just when did you prepare all this? Your daughter is deeply impressed.

Just like the time with the greenhouse, Cordelia was surprised by this gift that was prepared without her, who was always at home, even noticing. Just when did you renovate it, Otou-sama? However, along with the surprise, thinking, “With this, I have to urgently hurry and make the poultice for Otou-sama!” her sense of purpose further increased. Therefore, she felt only happiness at the good news that Ronnie had just conveyed to her. After all, if there were no tools, then she wouldn’t be able to make any progress.

Nonetheless, if Master was going to bring it and come, then she couldn’t help but feel disappointed a little bit.

For Cordelia, she wanted to use the chance of going to get the tools to go out to the town once more, and take her time seeing the townscape that she couldn’t last time. Last, she only could stop in front of workshops for a moment, and couldn’t really walk around the town. She is being informed about the popular goods by the coming and going merchants, but there are still many things she wouldn’t know about unless she saw them with her own eyes.

However, at Cordelia’s words, “go to the town”, Ronnie looked blue and shook his head with all his power. That’s why Cordelia stopped asking for it more than that. It wasn’t interesting, but it wasn’t that she didn’t understand Ronnie’s reason for refusing. A lady’s incognito guards must not have anything like “by chance”, and above that this time, unlike last time, the Earl who dotes on his daughter wouldn’t be going to a distant place. Also, he couldn’t deny the possibility that direct servants would be walking around the town, and the risk of being out while sneaking about was very high. It was no wonder Ronnie was unwilling.

Nonetheless, if she still unreasonably asked for it just like last time, Ronnie probably wouldn’t not grant it for her. While saying “Yes” he would give his OK, that’s the feeling she had. It was precisely because she understood this that she pushed on to force him to agree. Because it was a necessary step in order to obtain the tools by all means.

However, the wish that “I simply want to look around” of this time wasn’t the mandatory wish that “I need to have a look at the real thing” of last time. It was, so to speak, mere self-indulgence. Since it wasn’t as if Cordelia wanted to force the issue here and be hated by Ronnie, she had no choice but to give up. Even if it was said that it is because she was a child, too much willfulness was not likeable.

Yes…… she won’t say willful things. It was not likeable.

Not the attitude of a child, but learning how to deal with things like an adult itself is the shortcut to becoming a lady. That’s why no matter how many times Ronnie rudely said, “Unexpectedly, Ojou-sama, you seem to not have analyzing abilities, huh” as if he was impressed, Cordelia parried it with a smile. There was no need to say it like that, even pointing it out in a bit more indirect way would have been good…… but, she’ll never say such a thing. After all, he was the teacher whom Cordelia asked. Also, Cordelia does believe that what he says was most likely right. Cordelia couldn’t really understand the magic skill Ronnie was talking about.

When Cordelia uses magic, she mostly perceives and forms an image of “the colour of the magical power”, and carries on the operation. In order to make it into a pretty colour. With an atmosphere as if using her feelings to mix colours. That was also what she had been taught by her tutor. But the analysis that Ronnie is teaching her is logically done. Apparently, it seems that each of the magical powers that Cordelia perceived as colours was named similar to an element, and that their combinations are being used in the same way as chemical formulas.

As Cordelia was also a science person in her previous life, it isn’t that she was bad with chemical formulas. But if she suddenly was to operate magical power in a way different than the one she had used for years, she wouldn’t be quite used to it. However, when analyzing, a lot of isolating the components of the magical power is done, and in the case of Cordelia’s magic techniques which rely on feelings the results are disastrous. She had been doing the mixing of colours up until now, but she couldn’t even think up of a way by which she could decompose the colours. Even if she understood that they were only connected to each other like a chemical formula, severing those connections and decomposing them using magic wasn’t possible. Even so, she still tried many times to carry it out…… Just how many times did she repeat cutting the leaf splendidly in two equal parts with the analysis technique she applied on it, while trying to cut only the magical power?

However, even if she couldn’t perform the analysis, as Ronnie had said before, if she left it to the magicians employed by the Pameradia, there wouldn’t be any problems. So there wasn’t anything to worry about. But for Cordelia, she had also the stubbornness of wanting to be able to do things, unless she knew she isn’t able to do them. A weak point wasn’t needed in a beautiful noble girl—— while getting fired up in such a slightly odd direction as well, Cordelia smiled at Ronnie.

Thinking, someday she would show him an amazing analysis to the point that he would be surprised.

“Say, Ojou-sama, that smile is giving me the chills in the exact same way as the times when the master gets angry, you know……?”

“I’m sure it’s your imagination. More importantly, you’re going to call Master here, right? The sooner it is the better. If today is possible, then I’d like to ask for it to be today. If it isn’t, then during an afternoon when Master’s time allows, please.”

“I understand. Well then, I’ll put out the message. But most likely if I tell him then he will come immediately. He did say once that he would like to enter an Earl House’s grounds, after all.”

Sorry about smelling like alcohol until now, said Ronnie mischievously. Cordelia laughed, too.

Just then, the sound of the door being knocked reservedly was heard.

“Is it Emina, I wonder? Come in!”

“Please excuse me, Cordelia-sama.”

The one who entered today as well, along with Cordelia’s permission was Emina, who was like Cordelia’s personal maid and without any flaws. With a light but elegant bow, “Verno-sama is here” she informed Cordelia. And at the same time, with “You seem to be quite enjoying yourself, huh, Delly!” a boy’s face popped out from behind Emina.

“Oh my, Verno-sama? It has been quite some time, hasn’t it?”

Even if she said it has been quite some time, it had only been around 5 days if she was to say, but as ever since they first met, she would receive an unannounced visit from him once every three days, she felt that the feeling this time was of it being unexpectedly a long time.

“To tell you the truth, I actually wanted to come a bit earlier. Because I was filled with assignments on expressing regret and writing reflections.”

“That’s unfortunate. Did you reflect properly?”

“Next time, I’ll sneak out without causing any incidents!”

Verno, who seemed to not have reflected at all, said so while shrugging his shoulders.

Because this was a genuine 8 years old child, that Cordelia thought that a child’s potential is fearsome. In the future, he would probably become unbeatable at schemes that would put adults to shame. ……Cordelia added a note to self in her mind that she should be careful to not end up dancing in the palm of his hand.

“Ojuo-sama, I’ll be leaving my seat, then.”

While Cordelia was being exasperated by Verno, Ronnie said so and bowed. It seems that at least, just the way to withdraw when there are visitors exists even within Ronnie’s head. Saying, “Alright. Please take a break in your room”—— in short, “We will be continuing after Verno leaves, so please wait” Cordelia instructed. It seems that it was conveyed to Ronnie more or less, as although he was smiling bitterly, he left the place.

“Emina, as for sweets and…… tea, new ones have arrived. Please bring those out.”

“As you wish, Ojou-sama,”

“Well then Verno-sama, it might not be a very comfortable chair, but please have a seat.”

Cordelia told Verno modestly, but the chairs in the laboratory were actually a bit hard. It had a calculated elegant form without any pointless decorations attached, however when compared to a leather covered sofa, a wooden chair was indeed hard. Cordelia didn’t dislike it, in fact, it was a type she liked, but as one would expect, she didn’t know as far as Verno’s tastes. But it could be said that it is as expected of the eldest son of a marquis house, without uttering a single complaint and elegantly sitting, “Juglis wood, huh. This is the first time I see a chair made out of it, but it feels good to the touch. It’s a specialty of the Pameradia territory, isn’t it?” he declared. A child as he may be, but it looks like he knows some good things. What’s more, he’s quite the diligent student, knowing the specialties of other houses. Cordelia thought that not judging people by their appearance might just be about this kind of thing.

“‘The new tea leaves’, huh. That the procured goods were directly delivered to the young miss’s place…… did you negotiate with the merchants yourself?”

“Yes. I can guarantee the taste.”

“Then I’ll look forward to it!”

“So…… What kind of business did you come for today?”

Verno always came over for sweets and in order to kill time. Cordelia thought it would be the same today as well, but she asked just in case. However, Verno had a different purpose than usual.

“I came to deliver something today. If possible, I want to bring back a reply as well, so I’d like you to write one. Well, I’ll be having the tea and sweets, though.”

“Delivery? A reply…… is it?”

Verno handed out a thin, white envelope the Cordelia who was tilting her head. It was a simple envelope, with neither an address nor the sender’s signature.

“This is?”

“It is from Gyl and addressed to Delly. If possible, please read it now.”

Being told so by Verno, Cordelia thought about going to search for a paper knife, but thinking suddenly of another method, she opened the letter using it. Aiming at the edge of the envelope, she activated the analysis magic.

Doing this, for better or worse, the envelope that had its top cut by Cordelia’s surplus magic power was unsealed splendidly. Though it was an unintended use, it might just be useful like this.

“That’s quite an interesting way to use magic you have. Is it elementary decomposition magic?”

“It’s a secret!”

Cordelia who didn’t want to say that it was a failure, said this and took out the writing paper that was inside.

The writing paper, unlike the white envelope on the outside, was slightly light pink in colour. On that paper, what entered her eyes next wasn’t the letters, but the petals that were embedded in the lower right corner. They were from a rose. Thin petal, so that they were see through to the fine paper. Cordelia couldn’t imagine what kind of processing they went through in order for them to become like this. However, without thinking deeply about such a thing, saying “So pretty!” she involuntarily let her voice spill out.

“……Well, I don’t really mind you being fascinated with the writing paper, but read the contents as well.”

“……You’re being a little impatient, Verno-sama.”

Thinking, “Just when one was feeling impressed”, Cordelia turned her attention to the writing.

The handwriting in the letter was as neat as a copybook, and it didn’t look like the handwriting of a child at all. But she could tell that it was a bit hurriedly written on the run. This also was apparent from the content of the letter.

“First of all, please excuse me writing in a way that deviates away from formality. I heard not too long ago that Verno will be meeting Delly-sama, so I immediately hurried to pick up the pen.”

Reading the letter that started with these words, Cordelia gave a bit of a bitter smile.

Verno always visited an announced. Moreover, since even Verno had to pour all his strength on reflecting (?), Gyl, who had the same offense shouldn’t have had the time. In fact, compared to Verno, he seemed to be reflecting seriously. If so, then all the more he didn’t seem to have the time, and it would be natural that there would be no time if he was to suddenly write a letter.

Well then, what is the letter he wrote within this?

“Thank you very much for the other day. When I recall it now, as embarrassing as this is, it was an impulsive action, and I’m reflecting on that I should have thought first about if it was an action that I, who is ignorant about the town, should have taken. I had intended to keep myself composed up until now. However, I would like to dedicate myself to being able to make sound judgements, just like you, my lady, and Verno.

I can’t do enough to thank you, but I’ll enclose a bookmark. Under the guidance of my mother, it’s the first one I made.

Since I heard that you like flowers, I pray that it is to your liking.”


Quite the proper letter came in comparison to the haste. While thinking so, Cordelia looked inside the envelope once more. When she did, there was a flower with not many petals pressed as it was, a rose bookmark that was a beautiful pink in colour inside.

“How pretty!”

Once again, Cordelia said in a small voice. When she did, Verno laughed.

“That guy, Gyl, he was considerably worried about it. Saying that actually, he wanted to write a more proper one. But well, I didn’t say that, though.”

“I don’t dislike such letters as well, you know?”

The truth was she liked this more than the letters that went on and on, but as to be expected, she wouldn’t say that much. After all, for Cordelia, it was not possible that she was used to this kind of writing style. That’s why Cordelia fooled him with a smile. Verno as well, showed a smile similar to the one of this Cordelia.

“If you don’t mind, try writing one just like Gyl’s. If you do so, it’ll make him worry somewhat less, I think.”

“I understand.”

“……Delly is really strange, aren’t you? This kind of writing style, even if I try to using it, I probably wouldn’t be able to. Would you?”

“I intend on living by adapting to circumstances, you see.”

Cordelia asked Emina to bring her writing papers. The writing paper that Cordelia had was not as unusual as Gyl’s, but she had several kinds of lightly coloured writing papers. From among the writing papers, Cordelia immediately chose a sky blue coloured one. It had a slight picture watermarking, and was one of her favorite sheets. It was the same colour as the sky the day they went to the town. She chose dark blue for the colour of the pen’s ink.

(……As expected, I’m a bit nervous, since I’m not that good with the writing the letters)

She has been making great efforts to write beautifully, but it seems that no matter how much she tries, her natural disposition was not suitable for writing the characters. However, from now on as well, writing the letters would become necessary throughout her whole life. It wouldn’t do not being able to write them.

It seems that even Verno had the spirit of respecting privacy, and didn’t look like he was going to peep in. He busied himself with the sweets and black tea.

Confirming this, Cordelia puffed out a breath, and started to run the pen with spirit.

First of all…… who really was the one who ought to reflect?

“Thank you very much for the wonderful bookmark. I’ll use it with care. As Verno-sama told me to hurry up, I’ll be leaving out the formality as well.

If you had said something cheeky, then excessive reflection is not good either. In the first place, even though I had given you frank advice at that time, it isn’t like all of what I or Verno-sama said was correct. Rather, I believe I had said a bit too much. I don’t have the courage that you have. That’s why, the action of going out in front of the girl and protecting her like you did was impossible for me. That and, to the girl that was helped, I believe that for sure, you were reflected just like the prince from fairytales, very cool. If I were her, I believe I would have thought so. Nonetheless, I can certainly imagine that if calm judgement was added to the courage of the current Gyl-sama, there is no doubt that you will become an even more amazing man.”

Mixing in the half-lie that it was because Verno had told her to, Cordelia…… thinking to rewrite it as she thought it might have been a bit too honest, she folded the letter that she had more or less written up small. Putting that aside, intending to write the letter anew, she was about to drop the ink on a fresh paper, but—— she caught sight of a disturbing hand at the edge of her sight, and stopped it with her left hand.

“Verno-sama, could you please pull back this hand? This belongs to me.”

“It isn’t as if you have…… miswritten, right?”

Cordelia objected to Verno with what was most likely the best smile she could make, however, Verno too returned it with the most dazzling smile he had.

“I have miswritten in it, so I’d be troubled if you were to deliver this.”

“No, no, it is precisely because it is the letter you have written first that it has meaning, and holds your true feelings…… or so said my father.”

“Wasn’t it that you don’t often listen to the Marquis-sama’s stories, Verno-sama?”

If others saw them, both of them had splendid smiles on, but it was apparent to each of the two of them that there was a fox and a tanuki in that face of the other’s. Normally, Verno shouldn’t have been Cordelia’s natural enemy, but Cordelia also does think that he can be enough of a natural enemy in a field unrelated to their existence.

(In the first place, Verno-sama’s thinking abilities are not those of an 8 years old child. ……I wonder if this is what a child prodigy is like)

However, more importantly, the thing that has become a problem right now is that single discarded letter.

Both of their hands trembled as they refused to pull them back even one bit. If this was already 10 years into the future, the difference in strength would probably be clear, but there was still no difference in their physique right now. But…… there was already a difference in their physical strength.

There was a difference between Verno, who was training his physical strength since young, and the Young Lady Cordelia.

“Hey, Verno-sama!!”

“I won’t look at the contents. I don’t plan on being unrefined to that extent.”

“……It’s plenty unrefined as it is.”

Watching Verno, who had already put it away in his breast pocket, Cordelia sighed. Even if she tried grabbing for it, she wouldn’t be able to get it back, and she couldn’t just as well show him the appearance of a flustered Ojou-sama. In the first place…… the phrasing was a bit strong, even if she were to write it again, it wasn’t as if the content would change a lot.

(Or as if it would be like that, as I though, I better rewrite it)

Cordelia coughed once. In other words, she had to get the letter back first.

“Verno-sama, please put it in this envelope at least.”

“Envelope? Oh, you have a point.”

“Ahh, but before that…… I forgot to put something in, so please give the letter back here one more time. I’ll be putting it in.”

“If it’s necessary, add it in one more sheet.”

“……It’s fine after all, I guess.”

It’s unfortunate, but glossing over the recovery of the letter was rejected too quickly. As expected, this guy, he’s sharp. His disposition is bad. That’s what Cordelia though in her heart. But there probably was nothing more promising than that, as the next head of the Frantoheim House.

Cordelia gave up, and handed Verno an envelope of the same colour as the writing paper. Even in a pure sense, she was in the middle of writing a paragraph, but let’s blame that too on Verno, shall we?

Just as Cordelia thought that, Emina appeared carrying tea and sweets.

“It’s chocolate cake today.”

A beautifully cut up chocolate cake was arranged on a simple plate. On the top of the cake, it was decorated with a small amount of gold leaf, and coupled with the pure white whipped cream, while simple, it looked very pretty on the plate.

“As always, the sweets here look so delicious, huh. Sweet things rarely come out in my house.”

“Does the Marquis-sama not like sweet thing that much?”

“It’s not Father, but Mother who doesn’t like them. It seems that she hates them because they make people grow fat, so she becomes displeased instantly when I or Father eat them.”

It appears that even in this world, diet is the eternal theme for ladies. Adult women have corsets, so she thought that they probably won’t eat that much, but…… the temptation was probably larger than they could resist. However, if that was the case, someday might come when detoxification herbs as well will be useful…… Yes, Cordelia made a note of that in her mind.

“Oh, that’s right!”

“Is something the matter?”

“Delly said that the Earl was your type of men, but are knights your type?”

What was it, all of a sudden? So Cordelia was suspicious, but that was probably because it was a pure question asked by a child. It might be because of the thought that he wanted to learn from the coolness of adult men. In that case, answering with her preferences alone would probably be slightly off what he expects. Thinking that…… Cordelia thought of thinking about a typical lady’s preferences.

“Let’s see…… Say, Emina. I think that typically a knight would be liked by ladies. What about you?”

However, Emina who was suddenly brought into the subject by Cordelia’s remark couldn’t not have been surprised. But although she was surprised, she didn’t show a big reaction. She gently answered Cordelia.

“Let me see. I think that there is no mistake that knights, with the dignified air, martial prowess, and courteous manners combined, are a lady’s dream.”

“I also agree with Emina. ……That is to say, Verno-sama. Men who are knights are admired even by adult women like Emilia.”

When she said this, Verno said “……No, I didn’t really want to hear the general opinion”, but decided that Cordelia was most likely embarrassed and didn’t mind it. And, “Well, if you are going to say your personal preferences, I think it is preferable that you don’t lie about it, as a principle,” he said. Not all lies were bad. Cordelia herself was also of the opinion that “smooth words make smooth sails”. That’s why, she doesn’t think that all lies are bad, but lies should still be kept to a minimum. In the first place, if there was a need to tell lies, then she believes that it is best if they are told from the very beginning, to the best of one’s abilities—— or there is such a thing as well as a result of such way of thinking, but above that, the condition that there is a possibility of dying when being made to dance to the lies of another, makes one think so. Having the skills to see through lies is a responsibility of Cordelia herself. However, more than seeing through them or not, if they do not lie, then that would be most appreciated.

However, there was no need to say that much, so Cordelia intended to answer him in a way that was not offensive, but…… was it her imagination that Verno was slightly puffing up his cheeks? While thinking this, Cordelia was about to get herself some black tea, but she accidentally extended to the bookmark from Gyl, which she had been looking at until just a while ago. As she thought, it is pretty no matter how many times she saw it.

“……That, did you like it that much?”

“Yes. Roses are lovely, aren’t they?”

She loved roses even in her previous life, but ever since she was born as Cordelia, she felt them all the more likeable. The roses planted in the Earl’s house were very beautiful. However, more than the impression that they were pretty, what Cordelia felt when looking at this garden was a sense of calmness. A space where she could relax…… she felt that strongly.

That’s why she thought as such.

(……One day, I’ll make rose essential oils as well. But…… for a drop of essential oil, 50 rose petals would be needed)

This was a conversion from her previous life, so she can’t say that it will be the same even in this world, but if she thought about making rose essential oils, then a very large amount of petals would be necessary. For example, even with lavender whose oil extraction rate is lower than peppermint, about 1kg of essential oils can be obtained per 100kg. However, roses need about 20 times that amount of flowers. If it was only for her own personal use, then a bit less amount would be fine, but nonetheless, that’s not saying that she was fine with only a single drop as well. Moreover, the problem was the variety.

In her previous worlds, there were two kinds of essential oils in roses. One was rose otto, obtained by the steam distillation method, and the other was the essential oil known as rose absolute, which is extracted using a method known as the solvent extraction. Both are expensive essential oils, but otto is the more expensive essential oil.

(TN: Actually, here it says that absolute is the more expensive one, but from my search on the net it said in more than one place that absolute was the less expensive one due to the higher yield than otto. Or it may be just my misunderstanding of the original sentence.)

Damask rose (Rosa damascena), which is said to be the most fragrant even from among 20,000 breeds, is used for rose otto. For the latter, rose absolute, a flower named cabbage rose (Rosa centifolia) is used, and this one again has a resplendent fragrance as well.

Based on this information, Cordelia searched in various books, and even asked her tutors in order to obtain them, but…… she hasn’t been able to find the roses in question yet. She has even recently started to think that maybe those same roses do not exist in this world.

However, if she was searching for other breeds of roses, then there was a high probability that she would need to gather various breeds of roses in an amount of a few hundred kilos to 1 ton. Moreover, otto aside, the extraction method for absolute will change…… in which case, as to just how much petals will be consumed in the experiments to produce the equipment alone, to be honest, even Cordelia couldn’t imagine it. Even if it was not exactly the same, if there were flowers suitable for strongly fragrant essential oils, then there was nothing better, but—— there was still a long way to even just think about that.

Although it would be good to at least find flowers with strong scents as soon as possible.

“Why are you making a complicated face?”

“No, ……since sooner or later I’m going to be needing a large amount of roses, I was thinking I should make a rose garden.”

“Roses? If it is roses, then I think I’ll be able to get quite a bit if I tell Gyl.”

Cordelia tilted her at Verno who said that.

“……Is Gyl-sama someone knowledgeable about flowers?”

“Ah…… no, rather than saying it’s Gyl, it’s Gyl’s mother who is rather knowledgeable. Since she should be focusing all her power on improvement research as well, she also has flowers that are not on the market.”

“Flowers that are not on the market? ……I do think that that is very amazing, but if that is the case, then I cannot say that you would be able to obtain some.”

It would be different if it was the person himself, but as it was his mother’s then having her hand over her research phase’s material would probably be difficult. It wasn’t as if she was that close with Gyl, so she would also hesitate to ask this of him.

In the first place, it was quite unlikely that to have been cultivated in large quantities during the research phase, and it was unknown whether she could test them out or not.

However, Verno, as if not caring about such a thing, “That’s exactly why if Delly said that you wanted them, I don’t think there would be any problems with the spirit of the possibility of you raising it yourself” said something that Cordelia didn’t understand very well.

“What kind of roses, and how many do you want of them?”

“Let me see…… The quantity is about a few hundreds to a thousand kilos, I guess. What I want are roses with strong fragrance rather than colour.”

“A few hundre-……!? What are you going to use it for, such a quantity……”

As Verno, who appeared to have become slightly stiff, said that, “I as well think that it is quite the amount. After all, I don’t know how much the cost will turn out to be” Cordelia continued.

“I am researching the components of flowers.”

“……Ah, you, you even came to magic tools shop. Are you going to tear off the roses?”

“I won’t tear them off, but I will separate the petals.”

Verno groaned when Cordelia said that.

Meanwhile, she felt that there was a voice saying, “As I thought, what Delly wanted was something like that!” mixed in, but Cordelia purposely didn’t interject. Thinking that anyways, it was Verno’s solitary talk after all.

“……Well, it might be difficult in a year, but if the breed you want was found then it probably could also be increased, I guess.”

“But if you say that it is being improved, there was nothing that could be done about increasing the breed I want, right?”

To Cordelia, the important differences in roses were in their fragrance and the amount of essential oils they contained, rather than their appearance. If they were being improved, their colours and shapes should change as well, and Cordelia thought that it would be difficult to specialize on the aspects she herself thought important. However, pointing that out, “……Well, there is no problem” came a reply she couldn’t understand very well again from Verno.

“……You have been saying that there will be no problems for a while now, but why are you trying to help me this much?”

Moreover, getting Cordelia caught up with not Verno’s, but Gyl’s surroundings. Verno then laughed with a smirk, saying “Can’t you guess?” provocatively, and lightly glanced at the bookmark in question.

The conclusion that Cordelia, who saw that, gave was the “……An apology?” possibility.

“If you are feeling sorry, I just followed Verno-sama’s instructions, so it is nothing big enough to worry about.”

“That’s not it…… Well, never mind. I’ll try asking Gyl. Whether they have any breeds with strong fragrance.”

“It’s true that it will be a huge help, but……”

Somehow, she was unsettled and didn’t feel at ease. Even though she didn’t intend on selling favors, did she end up making a grand debt? If that was the case then, she would be grateful…… or rather, to the contrary, she would be troubled. Cordelia, who felt that there was no need to hide those feelings, turned her face towards Verno as it was, but he didn’t seem to be concerned about it in the least.

“By the way, by when do you want them, Delly?”

“……If possible, by a period of 6 to 7 years, I guess. Although if earlier, then the earlier it is the happier I’ll be.”

It is natural that if you were going to start a research, the sooner it is, the better.

However, at least at the moment, she almost doesn’t have any use for them. Various good effects can be obtained from perfumed oils, but if you are not careful of how you use them, negative effects can result from too much effect. Especially more so for a young body. Even if Ronnie’s analysis was still not yet finished, Cordelia knew that as knowledge. That’s why, there had no problems with leaving the objective of completing rose essential oils until after she became an adult.

It’s just that, if possible, Cordelia wanted to have her debut when she became an adult at the age of 16. As that would be the place at which she would be at the center of attention, she thought she should greet them with her favorite…… and, the scent that she would like to leave a lasting impression of her. Besides, the “Cordelia” inside the game had an appearance that looked good with roses. No matter what her personality was like, there was no doubt that she existed with the appearance that was most suitable for them.

That’s why, if possible, with regards to roses, Cordelia thought she wanted to make a fragrance that was only for the sake of herself, and not for the sake of spreading around.

However, Verno titled his head at that answer.

“Since you were saying that you wanted it, I thought that you would be in a bit more of a hurry, but you sure are taking your time…… Well, if this is the case, then we just might be able to do it somehow.”

“However, Verno-sama, I’m by no means asking for it impossibly. I plan to look for them even if by myself, therefor please don’t say anything unreasonable to Gyl-sama.”

“I have no plan of saying anything unreasonable. Ah, I don’t need a refill of the tea. Since I also finished my business for today, I’ll be going back.”

“Oh my, that’s so soon, isn’t it?”

Those words from Verno, who always stays for a long time, were surprising for Cordelia. Every time, he would at least have a refill of the tea before going home. The new tealeaves that she had just procured today seemed to suit Verno’s tastes, but he never commanded Emina, who was about to make a second cup, before. How rare.

It seems that Verno also realized it from the gaze of Cordelia, who thought that, as, “I have to bring this back to Gyl, who’s really looking forward to it, even while being a good kid, you see” he declared. ……It might be true that he’s going to meet with Gyl, but Cordelia felt that it seemed appropriate to say so. Of course, she didn’t say anything, though.

“Come to think of it…… What kind of person is Gyl-sama?”


“I, don’t really have many interactions yet with people from my generation, you see. Is he Verno-sama’s friend…… or could he be a relative?”

At Cordelia’s question, Verno opened his mouth, and closed it once. Then, after letting out the idiotic sound “Uh……” he said the words “Friends, I don’t think that’s wrong, but……” ambiguously. It was a very suspicious attitude. Compared to the usual attitude that suits his age, she had a feeling that right now, he was slightly more like a panicking elementary school student. That was extremely suspicious. It was an appearance that wasn’t Verno-like.

Looking at the appearance of such Verno, Cordelia was suddenly struck with the feeling that Verno might be hiding something outrageous. For example……

“……Could it be, is Gyl-sama perhaps…… a lady, or something?”


“Perhaps it was the middle of a rendezvous with a noble girl dressed as a boy in order to avoid standing out……”

It is normally an unbelievable story, but if the other party was Verno, who planned for children to go around incognito by themselves, it wasn’t so unbelievable…… perhaps. It was only an idea she had, but once she gave voice to it, Cordelia had a feeling that it was the most fitting. So that was it, if you were with the one you love, you might not want to say it. You would probably feel embarrassed.

But just as she thought that, in contrast to Cordelia, Verno gradually twisted his face.

“Don’t joke around! Gyl is, without a doubt, a man!”

“Oh, my…… is that so?”

“I admit that he does have an androgynous feel to him, though.”

After leaving the words “Well then, see you again!” behind, Verno who with a haa~ gave a sight, left.

“……He dodged it really well, huh.”

In the end, the information she got from Verno were only Gyl’s gender and that he was Verno’s friend, and so in the end she didn’t get to know just what his identity was. However, being from the same generation, there exists the possibility that they might meet again, too, and she might not need to place such importance on the matter. It’s just that she was concerned as to why Verno would hide Gyl’s identity to this extent.

(By no means did he look like a bad person, though——)

Was he someone she should be a bit careful around? While Cordelia was thinking about this, she gave an order to Emina to call Ronnie. And then, she gave a small sigh in the room that she has become alone in.

It was, by no means, that she hated Gyl, but no matter what, she couldn’t help but be cautious.

(It’s not that I want to doubt him, though)

It is at such times that Cordelia feels strongly. That, she was tired of that even though she is who she is right now because of the memories of her past life, it was because of those memories that she couldn’t honestly face someone. However, it wouldn’t do to just cast away those thoughts.

In the first place, in the beginning she thought about evading her own death, but if she didn’t evade her own death, then that would invite the fall of the Earl House as well, after all.

(Because I’m the one who will become the trigger, saying that I would protect it is an excessive thought, though——)

She didn’t know what she might get caught up in and loose her path. No matter how much she thought that she should be careful, there was no way she could live without ever doubting anybody.

“But then again, indeed, I can’t deny the present that I’m enjoying right now, though……”

Well then, this was a problem. While thinking so, Cordelia smiled bitterly.

In no way did she have the intentions to amuse herself with a game of seesaw. However, being in the same space as the important people around her felt comfortable. That’s exactly why she should live her life every day to the fullest. For her to keep on living in this space. And for her to become a beautiful lady.

“That’s right. That’s why…… first of all, I have to check Master’s glass containers.”

Most likely, for the first time since coming to this world, Cordelia put back the tableware cart with her own hand. She can’t say that she wouldn’t get lost. However, she had no intentions of stopping.

Because she thought that, Cordelia stopped thinking about Gyl. That’s why, other than “someone whom she should a little bit careful about”, she couldn’t think of anything.

I’m terribly sorry for the delay in the release of this chapter.
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I promise to try and release the next one faster, so please stick with me…

On another note, the rest of Act 2, the first 40%~ of which were translated by mojotranslations, is here~
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