Drop!! Interlude 1

Interlude      The incognito boys

Turning back the clock to the west of the central street, a workshop in the craftsmen street.

Normally, neither I nor this guy would come to such a place. I from time to time walk around incognito, but I’m different from this guy.

Delly had told me, as an heir, to not walk around alone, but to me, rather than walking alone, I’m more scared of making the esteemed person walk alone. After all, he who practically knows nothing about the town would obviously feel out of place.

……Well, as a result, he was involved in a big mess rather than feeling out of place though.

It was good that there were no people around other than the flower seller and Delly. Really.

I left the hiding of the defeated thug to the guys who came with me from home.

We were really unlucky to have met such a thug. Because of that, I had to use the lightning magic. I’m not worried about the magic itself, but when I think about missing the mark even by chance, I have to increase the accuracy more than usual. It would have been another story if it was the flower seller alone, but my stupid companion jumping out was outside of the expectations. Keep yourself together!

Because of this, the magical power that maintains mine and this guy’s transformation reached its limit. As we grow up, the amount of magical power we can hold would probably also increase, but regrettably as our bodies are small, the capacity is not enough. I want to hurry and grow up.

The flower seller who looked as if she had been waiting for us who were inside the shop…… no, for “Gyl” to come out once again gave her thanks, and after waiting for her to leave, I called out to him.

“Let’s head back for today. My spell is already about to be unraveled.”


“Whose fault do you think it is that the duration became short? I too wanted to play around for a bit more, you know?”

Once I gave the reluctant Gyl some frank advice, saying “My bad” he shrugged his shoulders and apologized.

I do think that being honest is a good trait. ……But, he was just too honest that he jumped out though.

However, despite pretending to acknowledge heading back, Gyl was worriedly glancing towards the shop.

As to why he was worried, even I knew that. Without doubt, it is because Delly was inside.

“……If it’s Delly, then I think that she won’t be coming out for a while.”

When I said that, I saw him making a slightly interesting, uninteresting face.

Looking at that displeased face, it seemed to be telling me that it might be that Delly won’t be coming out, but it being pointed out by me wasn’t interesting. ……Totally as if he wasn’t older than me, this guy.

Anyways, bringing this guy back displeased as he is will be troublesome after returning home.

That’s why I decided to exaggeratedly take advantage of this guy’s weakness.

“What’s the matter, Your Highness Sylvester? Did you perhaps want to say something? ……I as well did not think that we would possibly meet the young lady here, though.” (TN: I don’t think I managed to get it across well, but Verno here switched to polite/formal speech of the highest level. The one a subject would use with a prince.)

“……I was wrong. Therefore, drop that while we are in the town.”

Abandoning the informal tone from before and returning to the way I normally speak with him, it was obvious that it would be his highness who would throw in the towel first. Nonetheless, I who was mentally exhausted by his highness, although it wasn’t proper of me as a subordinate, wanted some kind of compensation. Normally, it might turn out like “Don’t mess around with a member of the royal family!” kind of thing, but if it’s this person, then I think it would be fine.

“Well then Your Highness, I have one request. ——I won’t use it in front of other people, so not just while we are in town, would you allow me to fundamentally keep using the tone from earlier with you, Your Highness?”

“By earlier, you mean…?”

“Let me see, ‘Gyl, let’s hurry and return back’ kind of feeling, I guess.”

“……Do as you please.”

His highness told me with a tone of voice and facial expression that subtly seemed to say “I don’t care about this anymore” and “Don’t say anymore”.

However, whatever kind of voice it was, as long as I had the fact that I got his permission, I relatively don’t care about the rest. It isn’t as if I wanted to speak with the royal family on equal terms. His highness aside, I think saying such thing to his majesty or her majesty would be scary. But Prince Sylvester is different. I will be serving him for a long time from now on, and at a time when he “does something” again, it would be a huge help to be able to boldly give him my opinion. ……I the feeling like I got a somewhat handful of an elder brother.

(……Nonetheless, that flower girl, it would be good if she hadn’t fallen for Gyl.)

If she had fallen for him…… no, I think she probably had. She had such a face. If that’s the case, then I have the feeling that it will become a generally sad first love. If it was realized, then it would become the “great romance” that Dad is speaking of, but for the Prince and a town girl’s love to be realized in this country, more than feelings, I can’t help but think that “luck” is more necessary, after all.

Yup, totally called it. Both times, it seems.
Verno’s last comments raise some big, sturdy flags.

That aside, this interlude was surprisingly short, so…
Here you go. Enjoy.

Also, today is the last day of my break, and then that awful thing called college starts again, so the next release would probably take much, much longer, so I ask of you to be patient and understanding.

One last thing is that after finding that Gill’s real name is Sylvester, I decided to change the alias from Gill to Gyl.
The alias is written as ジル and pronounced as “Jiru” you see, and at first, I couldn’t decide on whether to use “Jill” or “Gill”, but then ultimately decided to use “Gill” because the alternative honestly sounded like a girl’s name. Now, the first part of Sylvester, Syl, is written as シル and pronounced as “Shiru”. You can see the similarities in the katakana used, namely there was a small something added on the Shi sound to make it Ji, and so I decided to change Gill to Gyl and make it similar to Syl. 


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  1. Thanks for the interlude~ ^^.

    Now that is really a flag raising~! lol.
    The heroine most likely willl……. well, I don’t know, haha~ XD!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


        1. thx for the chapter~
          i want to bet that the flower girl is the heroine. and she fall in love with gill who fall in love with cordelia? i can’t wait to read the next chapter~

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  2. Good luck with college!!! I think it would be a good idea for me to do homework too….. *tilts head in thought*

    HA! Prince sighted! I really thought it was that from the whole tone of the thing. XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!!


  3. Wait a sec if shes the heroin wont she fall for the mc after all this is a reverse harem and wait a min i just thought of something could the great love that guy was talking about be her reverse harem


    1. Harem usually involves a male mc with a bunch of girls falling for him. By this definition, a case in which a female mc has a bunch of guys falling for her is what is meant by reverse harem.

      The ‘heroine’, Cordelia’s sister, is a girl, and this is not a shoujo ai/yuri novel, so obviously she won’t be falling for the mc (leaving aside the fact that they’re sisters)…

      The “great romance” that the Marquis talked about could very well be fulfilled by the Prince falling for Cordelia (and fighting for her love with his bunch of rivals) and then emerging victorious…….. or that’s my hope, at least…. 😁

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  4. I completely forgot that the heroine and the MC are half sisters O_O
    Now I’m just imagining a scenario between our MC and her dad xD
    saying things like: “Father, how could you!? You cheated on Mother!”(MC)
    “Cordelia!! I can explain!!”(Dad)
    “I hate you! Goodbye.”(MC)
    Hahaha xD

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  5. Thank you soooo much for the chapter and gaaah…such flags are raised!! I really don’t want to see that flower girl to be Cordelia’s half sister. I mean…that flower girl is starting to turn out into the epitome of your typical cliche protagonist with naivety and princess syndrome as their middle name. Like srsly…I prefer the cool, smart and capable leads like Cordelia, Iris or Reika or the Female lead that makes Dolls or the flag girl (the princess)😆 Anyways thank you for the chapter!!

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  6. I never comment on novels that I follow but because this story has potential and I hope my comment will be a support!

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    Tyt with translating~ xoxo

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