Drop!! Act 5

Act 5     The challenge towards a prototype

A few days after she got acquainted with Verno.

Cordelia tried talking with the head chef about the matter regarding rosemary.

If she herself was able to get her hands on rosemary in its fresh state, then she should be able to complete a dried version that is superior to the ones she is getting right now. That’s why she somehow wants to get her hands on it. Also, she wants to grow it. And then using it, she wanted him to make the best cuisine, or so she tried asking.

Without a delay, the head chef accepted those words said by a little child, coming off as overly self-conscious as they were.

And with a response that exceeded Cordelia’s expectations, he promised to obtain stock from abroad.

Actually, it seems that the head chef, who had only seen dried rosemary before, had obtained the fresh herb once before in the past. But perhaps because of magic-related reasons, it was not able to take root properly, and soon withered away. As a result, he had to give up on cultivating it, such was the shameful past he confided in Cordelia.

Hearing these words, Cordelia decided in her heart that if she obtained a rosemary stock, then she would no matter what complete a dried herb.

In the first place, if the Cordelia of her past life was to see the rosemary she is able to get right now, she wouldn’t go as far as to say it was good, and not as far as saying it was bad, but at the class of being “not bad” or “about this much, I guess”. Drying itself is normally done so as to prevent molding, and is somewhat ordinarily made. However, ordinarily won’t do. The magic power existing in this world has been evidently weakened. If the magic power was to be maintained, the results would probably be better.

But, perhaps that is also what it means to have the Pameradia’s eyes.

The head chef said that the rosemary with fragrance strong enough as to cancel stenches grows in the countries to the west. The ones in the eastern country are said to have a light smell. And if it was ones with an even lighter scent, then he said they were being planted in the north of this country as well. Was it knowledge obtained due to the enthusiasm of chefs? She wondered happily.

“……Well then, I’m sorry to ask this of you, but could I trouble you to obtain all of the stocks of rosemary from the eastern country, the western country, and our own country, from those three countries? The rosemary from our country could by no means inferior to the others, for example, it could turn out to be a splendid specimen, if only for the dryness conditions that didn’t suit it, for all we know.”

“Is that the case……?”

“I wouldn’t know unless I see it for myself, but I believe that comparing both sides would be best, what do you say?”

“…… . A large quantity would be difficult, but if it was only one or two stocks, then…… I think we might be able to obtain it relatively soon.”

“Then, I’ll trouble you with just that. I’ll be looking forward to eating even more delicious dishes cooked by you than the ones I’m eating right now. After all, not having good ingredients is just like killing those hands of yours.”

While talking with the head chef as such, Cordelia stroked her heart with relief at having got the promise to obtain the stocks. She does think that it was a little too bad that she might not have an enough quantity, but she changed her thoughts immediately, thinking that it was not a problem at all as long as she managed to get some in her hands. Since it is rosemary, it would be also possible for her to increase the stock. Including cultivating it, it would also be good to consider it at a span of several years. Even if it turned out that the ones from the western country were the best for cooking after all, there is a possibility that the ones from her home country would be more suitable in regards to the scent. That’s why, if she could obtain both specimens, then it would be a luxury if she wanted more than that.

(……But, it’s not like there are only three varieties of rosemary. In other words, whether there are varieties that were not mentioned in the books, or whether there really aren’t any other varieties, I will need to improve on it myself, huh. …….That seems hard by its own right, but also interesting)

And so, after talking with the head chef, Cordelia wanted to return to her room, but on the way there, she witnessed Ronnie coming to the main building from another building while holding a lot of books. Because the analysis magicians working for the Pameradias are seldom seen in the main building, finding him in the main building is a rare thing. Since he is holding books, she was able to see that most probably he was borrowing some magic books from the archives.

“Thank you for your hard work on your job.”

“Ah, Ojou-sama. ……Or was it better to ask ‘How do you do?’ at times like this?”

“Thank you for your concern. But I don’t mind. Please feel at ease.”

“Well then, allow me to take you up on your offer.”

Ronnie is, just like the head magician said, no good with etiquette, and on top of that, he doesn’t show that he minds it at all.

However, it wasn’t like he was rough or anything, his handling of books was with care, and his personal appearance too, was actually rather nice. Several times, while Cordelia is talking with Ronnie, he told her, “Even before I decided to get a job here, I used this way of talking with the Earl, amazing, right? Now that I think of it, after having landed such a good job” kind of frank things. It was said that what Earl Pameradia looks for in magicians is their abilities, and nothing more.

“Comparing to that, being a noble sure is tough, huh. It’s not just the meritocracy. Things like etiquette are troublesome, aren’t they?”

She still even now remembers the words that Ronnie said at that time. Being told so genuinely without any sarcasm, it was a rather strange feeling. Although Cordelia could somewhat agree with him, however, she also couldn’t fully nod to that. For nobles, etiquette and honor were like their combat uniforms, therefore they were not something that they could just cut off. If she aims to be a lady, then it was something absolutely necessary for her. Besides, if there were weapons she could prepare, then it would be better to do so as much as possible. After all, Cordelia’s position was one where she didn’t what will happen and when.

However, Cordelia had no intentions at all to push her wishes on to Ronnie as well. Unlike Cordelia who thought etiquette and manners were important, he truly didn’t need etiquette. For example, if Cordelia was told she had to acquire something that she thought of as unnecessary, then she wouldn’t be able to think but that it was in vain. That’s why she didn’t feel uncomfortable. It’s just that, she thought she absolutely wouldn’t be able to get out in public together with Ronnie. That’s because, more than worrying about people thinking that “Actually, Cordelia also uses such words and has such way of thinking”, she was purely worrying that Ronnie would be declared as someone belonging to the class of people referred to as using improper words by the nobles he met.

It wasn’t as if it would cause troubles for him, and in the first place, he is also boasting that “he won’t be able to handle a normal aristocrat”. ……In other words, it seems that to him, the Pameradia House whom he is serving were not normal.

“The request from Ojou-sama, it looks like it will be finished soon.”

“Even though you were saying that it would be difficult, you worked rather fast.”

“Ah, I’m not cutting corners. Please rest assured. After all, if by chance something happened to Ojou-sama, I’ll be killed by the Earl.”

Ronnie, whom she didn’t know if he was joking or being serious, saying “I’m heading to the archives, but is Ojou-sama as well?” invited Cordelia, as expected, in a manner not like a servant. Cordelia had been intending to return to her room, but it wasn’t as if she had something to do. So she accepted Ronnie’s invitation. She also had something she wanted to ask him.

“Say, Ronnie, eventually I also want to do the plants’ analysis by myself, but do you think I would be able to?”

“Wouldn’t you be able to do it? I think.”

“……You said it rather readily and lightly, huh. Is that really true?”

“It would be impossible right now, though. But if it was only whether they were toxic or non-toxic, then if you increased your magic attributes knowledge attached to the knowledge of the world’s poisons, and after that polished your reading of the plants’ magical power circulations, you would be able to do anything. ……Ojou-sama, please open the door, both of my hands are occupied.”

“Here you go. ……By ‘if only’, what did you mean?”

“When it comes to foretelling “what kind of effect it would have on the human body after processing” like what I’m doing this time, it doesn’t end at just that. It would be tough without technical knowledge. And even if you had the technical knowledge, just regarding whether they are poisonous or not, even if you figured out their active components, you wouldn’t know exactly what effects they would have when used. Looking at the stuff produced currently, investigating…… After that, as I though, because of the individual differences, a tester would be necessary, I guess.”

While speaking, Ronnie headed towards a bookshelf. Cordelia understood his point. Take for example chamomile. Chamomile plants themselves have no antiallergic effects, but during its distillation, a compound called chamazulene is synthesized, and when it becomes an essential oil, the antiallergic effect manifests. In short, a chemical reaction occurs. In this case, a good effect is produced, but in converse, the possibility that a bad effect may be produced exists as well. Since Ronnie never asked what kind of processing she would be doing, and Cordelia would not deliberately tell him herself as well, but most likely he is approaching and investigating them from different directions using magic. Moreover, in order to make the hypothesis for this, she would think that not only looking at the chemical formula is needed, but also the magic. This would probably require twice the effort.

While Cordelia was thinking about this, Ronnie continued talking while briskly returning the books.

“I don’t really mind teaching you, you know. Analysis magic.”


“Yes. Well, my ability as a tutor may be frighteningly low, and I won’t be able to say for sure that Ojou-sama would be able to master it if analysis wasn’t your forte.”

“……Even though you were saying it that easily just a while ago, this time, even before starting, you’re saying it rather severely, aren’t you.”

“I apologize, to be honest, I tend to calculate things negatively rather than positively.”

Ronnie spoke nonchalantly, as if he completely didn’t think that it was a bad thing. Cordelia thought that the easygoing him, had the atmosphere of a neighborhood onii-chan all over again. Even so, he is a saving existence. Even though, as a servant, it was by no means something to be praised about, but an existence that could advice Cordelia was very precious.

“However, as I see it, I don’t think it is necessary for Ojou-sama to learn analysis magic. There are professionals to do the job as needed here, I don’t think there is a need for a novice to go out of their way to learn it. After all, there is such a thing as division of roles, right? Even if you could do it all by yourself, that won’t always be helpful.”

“For example?”

“Let’s see. For example, if Ojou-sama became able to do everything and anything by herself, then our jobs would become less.”

“……That is a misunderstanding. Ronnie, you still have your original duties besides this, right? Isn’t this extra work for you?”

“As expected of Ojou-sama. ……But, since for me this is more interesting than my original work, if I could I would like to maintain the situation where I am away from my regular work using the front of “because I’m doing Ojou-sama’s request”, you see.”

Saying this, Ronnie laughed. He had already finished returning the books.

“Are you returning to your room? Going to the greenhouse? I’ll send you off.”

“……Although those are words that would originally be appreciated, but since you were the one to say them, now I can hear the undertone that it is because you want to skip. I wonder if it is because of the conversation from earlier?”

“Ahaha, that might be it.”

Without hiding anything, Ronnie affirmed it. Seeing Ronni like this, Cordelia as well shrugged her shoulders.

“About what we talked about earlier…… Even if it does not apply to this case, I as well understand that your opinion is correct.”

“Which talk did you mean?”

“About it not being necessary to be able to do everything alone. It is on a case-by-case basis, but someone who had been conducting research for many years aside, the probability that a young person like myself will make decisions without noticing the faults in things, and just like that continue onwards exists as well…… something along these lines, right?”

“No, I was purely just thinking for my own sake, though.”

“……Oh my, is that so?”

Apparently, it seems that Ronnie, if said nicely, is an honest person who would correct until everything is right.

Living while continuing to express an honest facial expression to this extent, for Cordelia it was something that was a lot more difficult than the common etiquette of courtesy. That was not only in her current life, but also including her previous life.

“Ojou-sama? Is there something on my face?”

“No. I became a little envious of you.”

“……Um, even if you flatter me, I won’t be able to give you anything, you know?”

“Nothing is just fine. ……More importantly, you said that the analysis would be finished soon, but…… do you already know whether they are toxic or non-toxic?”

“Ah, if it’s about that, they were non-toxic. However, that’s only for the normal use by a healthy person.”

“Thank you. ……I’ll head to the greenhouse. I’ll be counting on you to continue with the analysis.”

As she said so, Cordelia placed a single piece of candy on Ronnie’s hand, and left the room ahead of him.

Once Cordelia said “It’s Beryl-san’s honey candy”, Ronnie unusually gave her a bow, not hiding his joy. Beryl-san’s honey candy were expensive as it is. They were high-grade sweets.

And so, after changing her plans and heading towards the greenhouse, Cordelia began earnestly planning for the experiment to extract essential oils.

First off is the kind of plants the essential oils are to be extracted from, but these choices, from the beginning, were as if there were none. The plants that Cordelia could refine essential oils from presently are only the one choice of peppermint. There are three main reasons for this. One is the amount of mint, as the amount on hand for refining of essential oils is more than the others. And the second one is that wild mint still grows in the mountains in large quantities. Therefore, even if she failed over and over again, it is possible for her to start over again. The last reason is an issue of apparatus. If she was to use mint, then an appropriate extraction method is the steam distillation method. If it was this, then it would be possible even for the current Cordelia to set it up if it was a simple apparatus, and it won’t be difficult to gather the necessary things for it, as other than the herbs, the only other thing is distilled water.

The steam distillation method that Cordelia is considering involves feeding steam into the distillation kettle and vaporizing the essential oils contained within the leaves to obtain the essential oils. Since the essential oils that became lighter by being vaporized rises in the kettle together with water vapor, this steam containing essential oils is passed through a connecting tube and cooled. Having done this, the cooled down steam once again condensed into liquid. The liquid obtained at this time is the floral water (aromatic distilled water), and the membrane formed on top of it is the essential oil. Incidentally, since the floral water slightly contains the components of the essential oils, it can be used separately as a face lotion as well.

“Even though it is called an apparatus…… I just have to connect the glass container and the connecting tube.”

Cordelia, who had borrowed some easy to use flasks and glass containers, started quickly assembling. First of all, setting up the heat source, which resembles a mini-lamp —— if speaking in terms of her previous life, then just like an alcohol lamp —— and on top of it, put an Erlenmeyer flask for containing distilled water. Then plug it, and pierce the plug with a tube connecting to another, air-tight container —— the part that will become the distillation kettle. From there, she once more pierced the plug of the distillation kettle with another connecting tube —— this time, Cordelia chose a coiling type glass tube —— for letting out the vaporized steam, and made it pass through a somewhat long and thin beaker-like thing that would contain cold water in order to cool down the steam passing through the tube. The beaker had a hole just large enough for the tube to exit, and the tube that passed through finally reaches to the separating funnel.

If the steam went around this route of opportunity, she should get floral water and essential oils without problems. Cordelia, who finished assembling the apparatus, let out a breath. However, this was a simple thing, so if she sought the level that was dealt with in her previous life, then it would, as expected, be somewhat insufficient. Even if she could somehow adjust the temperature, there seems to be no culture of measuring pressure in this world, therefore it can’t be helped that Cordelia would feel “lacking” in that aspect. However, in this world there is magic, something that did not exist in her previous world. Even if not all is the same, Cordelia believes she should be able to find a way so that she does not lose the desire to create wonderful things.

Incidentally, the method used in making when using the fruits of this world is similar to the expression method —— which is a method primarily used when extracting from the peels of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges, in which after the peels are literally pressed used machines such as rollers and the like, a centrifuge is used. Unlike the steam distillation method, heat is not applied, so the natural fragrance can be enjoyed —— it seems. The form seems to be different, but it should be well suited for when using fruits such as lemon and the like, so Cordelia as well planned on researching it in detail before long.

“Well then, I’ll take a break for a bit……”

“Hmm, so this is Ojou-sama’s work, huh!”


“Ah, sorry Ojou-sama. Did I surprise you?”

“……Ronnie, you, why are you here?”

Cordelia looked she was about to scream at Ronnie who appeared suddenly, but she somehow resisted it and asked him a question.

Perhaps because she was so absorbed, she didn’t notice him entering at all.

“Well~, since Ojou-sama seemed to be doing something, I thought it would be interesting so I came to watch after all. You are starting the experiment since you got to know that they are non-toxic, is it something along these lines?”

“……I didn’t intend to go as far as starting the experiment…… Right, let’s try making a prototype once. Ronnie, could I trouble you to bring me plenty of distilled water and ice?”

“Roger that.”

Cordelia, who saw Ronnie leaving, hurried to prepare the materials for the experiment. This house is convenient, and since there were lots of magicians conducting experiments, distilled water and ice are constantly being stocked.

Seeing Ronnie leave the room, Cordelia rushed to prepare for the start of the experiment. First is making the dry herbs. The reason for drying fresh herbs is simple, if there was extra moisture left in the leaves, the extraction won’t go well.

Originally, to make dry herbs, it is common to bundle the herbs in small amounts and hang them in well-ventilated places with no direct sunlight. If done professionally, a variety of things of things would be done, such as checking up the maximum period the oil is contained within the leaves, but today she would be leaving this out. This is because Cordelia would be using a method that is not common. By using the Pameradia magic, it is possible to reduce the time needed. For the sake of the day when she would be able to do this experiment, she had learned a technique to make dried flowers from the flowers in the garden using her own magic.

The Pameradia’s magic, the power to interfere with plants, can amplify the powers of the plants themselves, as well as stimulate their rapid growth. However, naturally there are limits. Especially with regards to making the plants grow, it squeezes out quite a bit of magical power. Therefore, it is not as if it is impossible to do, but for example if one was to pour down magical power that can repeat the harvest endlessly on a wheat field, let alone that the caster’s magical power would be exhausted, they might even lose their vitality. However, as opposed to growth, the magical power needed for drying up the plants is comparatively weak. That’s why Cordelia determinedly repeated the drying up exercise neatly. Of, course, it was to a degree where the harmony of the garden was not lost, but she learned a technique in which while drying, she also poured in magic, drawing out the maximum traits of the plants. She is now able to make dry flowers with good fragrance remaining in it without difficulty.

However, this was the first time that even Cordelia who did all this will be carrying it out with mint. That’s why she was nervous, as expected. However, in contrast to Cordelia’s nervousness, the dry herbs were completed splendidly. By combining magic, rather than its usual dry condition, she put mint full with great vitality into the kettle. Just at that moment, Ronnie had finished his errand and came back.

“Welcome back. I’ve finished the preparations on my side too.”

“Are you going to steam this dry grass? Just what in the world are you planning to make, Ojou-sama?”

“Essential oils. ——I’m planning on making a very good perfume.”

“Perfume? From this dried grass? ……Not grinding fruits? Eh, like this, have I analyzed this grass?”

Cordelia smiled wryly at Ronnie who displayed an honest reaction.

“It’s alright. As long as this is the mint that I know, I should be able to do it, also rather than only one kind, moreover a fruit with bad efficiency, it should be able to raise productivity way more than that fruit, after all.”

“……I completely though I was observing whether it could be eaten or not. After all, I thought I was analyzing if it looked like it could become medicine.”

“I’m sorry, but, you didn’t ask, right?”

“That’s true, but……”

However, Ronnie, as expected, had an “I can’t understand” face.

Why was she steaming the grass and trying to obtain such a thing. Ronnie was making such a face, but, “……Well, I don’t really mind, it won’t explode after all”, he gave a really honest remark. Cordelia began to overheat while giving him, who was being like that, a wry smile. After a while, the smell of mint wafted around them safely.

For Cordelia, this scent was a nostalgic scent, but it seemed that for Ronnie, it was really a scent that he was smelling for the first time. But he didn’t react badly. He didn’t think that such a strong fragrance would arise from the dried grass, it was the so-called unexpected reaction. Cordelia seemed that she would become a little good at it, but later on, this became something that surprised even Cordelia herself a little. While she earnestly repeated the distillation that took a long time by itself, what she did first was separated into water and essential oils, but…… the amount was more than she expected. Because the amount of herbs she prepared was not much, the essential oils she could verify originally were accumulated almost twice as much as expected.

(……Was some kind of magic operating?)

The temperature should be moderate as well. If that’s the case, there is no other reason she can think of. Could her impression be off because it has been a while since she saw it? Or is it a difference between this world and her previous world?

Nonetheless, this seems to be good news, but also troublesome as well. If it was a similar but different thing, then it is no longer anything but a different thing.

(To say that a quantity can be obtained is something to be glad of, but…… like this, unless I earnestly request it of Ronnie, the effects of the essential oils would be inestimable. If I don’t think properly about how to adjust the concentration of the essential oils, then it is not unthinkable that the stimulus would be too strong.)

However, completing something different than imagination is by no means only a bad thing. For Cordelia, who is doing the experiment, it is a very interesting thing. Can she make something that is more attractive than the perfumes of fruits? There is absolutely no other option than to challenge the subject.

Just as Cordelia was about to open her mouth to speak, “…… This is…… is this supernatant what you wanted, Ojou-sama?” asked Ronnie.

“Yes. ……The supernatant is important, but the water would also become valuable.”

“Eh…… Umm, well, for now…… you will mix this with carrier oils to make a perfume, is that about it, Ojou-sama?”

“Yes. But, after the distillation is done, we first have to find a proper concentration.”

“Indeed, this supernatant is too thick to use. ……The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects can be seen, but if it is too thick then it might be said to be harmful. Anyways, to ascertain the level that can be said to be harmless is close to my main occupation, so I can lend you a hand.”

Cordelia was surprised by these words. Ronnie who was able to find out a number of the properties by just looking for an instant was very excellent.

“Thank you for the very reliable words.”

“Not at all. I’m quite used to seeing plants and poisons, but it’s fresh and nice to try making cosmetics.”

……As expected from Pameradia’s analysis magician-sama. The words that he smoothly said contained some really disturbing words that, at least, shouldn’t be said to a young child. However, as a Pameradia escort, it was a capable statement, therefore Cordelia had no choice but to smile wryly.

“This is really amazing, Ojou-sama! ……However, why do you not pour in magical power during distillation?”


Cordelia, who didn’t understand his meaning, mysteriously tilted her head.

While tilting his head at Cordelia who had tilted her head, he continued his words in a carefree manner.

“Even though Ojou-sama went to the trouble of increasing the mint’s vitality and magic at the same time with your magic, a large portion is damaged by the heat. Some of the magic is peeling off along when the mint is vaporized. It is thick enough even with this, however without it, I believe that even after further processing, the fragrance and magic, and also those effects would still remain. That’s why, if you are going to make really good things, you need to protect it with magic at the time you are heating it up.”

While making a difficult face, Cordelia was surprised at such Ronnie. He had discovered the effects at a glance even just a while ago, but also during the experiment, it wasn’t that he was only watching, but that he was certainly reading and analyzing the movements of magic with a casual appearance.

Cordelia, who had received instructions from Ronnie, prepared the mint once again and tried to pour in magic as a new challenge, but…… that didn’t go so well. Even if she tried delivering magic through the glass to the sealed container that the herbs were in, it still won’t reach them. It doesn’t get poured in. The magician furrowed his eyebrows and said “Ojou-sama’s magic…… or rather, I guess it is the compatibility of magic relating to plants and glass that is the worst, huh. This might be tough” as if speaking to himself.

The compatibility of magic relating to plants and glass is the worst. That fact troubled Cordelia. Because she had never imagined that such a wall would be obstructing her. However, in order for impurities not to get mixed in, glass is appealing. It wasn’t as if there were no other choices, but among the tools she saw in the magician’s laboratory, the ones she thought were the most suitable were glass. In the first place, even if it was said that the magic is peeling of, it was only the portion that was increased, and if a part of it was left as well, then at least something at level close to the ones she dealt with in her previous life might be made. This should not be a bad product. However—— even though there is a possibility to make something better, it is regrettable to readily give it up as “it was impossible”. To compromise even though she could be said to be in good circumstances goes against Cordelia’s principles.

Thinking to try it once more, Cordelia raised her hands towards the flask silently. Then she drew in a breath, and once again turned her consciousness towards the magic inside her own body, but…… she felt that the magic that was released from her hands was once again bounced back by the glass. Does she have to look for another method? It was just when Cordelia felt that.

“Ah. That’s right, Ojou-sama. If it is a shop that specializes in selling experiment tools to magicians, they might have glass that lets Ojou-sama’s magic to pass through.”

Ronnie told Cordelia as if he just remembered.

“He’s a craftsman who makes experiment tools that use magic, but he makes tools that fit the magic of the person using them. That’s why he might make it so that would ease the bad compatibility with glass. Pots, containers, flasks, he mainly deals with it as long as it is a tool for magic experiments, so there might also be some sealed containers.”

“……Will the price be expensive?”

“……Well, for example even a flask, if I was going to buy one to use for my own experiments with my salary, it would be valuable to the point of making me hesitate greatly. Magicians who can mold glass are more unusual than magicians who make essential oils, after all. Well, they might not be more unusual than an Earl-sama who hires someone who speaks in such a way, though.”

At the words that Ronnie said while mixing in a joke, Cordelia recalled the amount of gold coins she had. If she had enough, even if it was somewhat unreasonable she thought she would like to buy it.

“Looking at it, would you be able to judge if it was something I could use or not?”

However, if by chance it was something that she couldn’t use, then she wouldn’t even think about it. As a child of nobility of her age, she has confidence that she possessed considerable fortune. However, there are rarely opportunities for Cordelia to obtain cash. Since her father would directly buy most of the things for her if she asked him, she almost doesn’t deal with cash. Even the cash she had on hand right now, it was just the real thing that she got when learning the units of money. ……Well, it was a considerable amount of money for just learning the units, though.

That’s why for Cordelia, the cash that she wanted to treasure even if it was only little made her hesitate to rush into any purchase with uncertainties. However, if she did say she wanted it, then her father would without doubt buy it for her, but…… she is already at a position where he had invested in her considerably. She should refrain also from demanding more than this herself.

Seeing Cordelia’s serious face, Ronnie also put his hand to his chin and groaned once.

“It’s difficult, isn’t it? There is something that I’d like to go to the shop and try out, but my own magic and Ojou-sama’s magic are different, so I can’t test it out. I can give a conclusion while attaching ‘probably’ before it, but it won’t be with certainty.”

“But if the thing I bought was of no use, then I won’t be able to settle. ……There is one thing I’d like to confirm though, that is if I went to the shop, would I be able to touch it, I wonder?”

Even though there was a chance, her hands couldn’t reach it.

Cordelia, who thought it was vexing, understood quickly that an easy solution would be “to go herself”. And also that there is probably no way to solve it other than this. However, the magician could not also understand the train of thoughts of such Cordelia.

“That is…… wait, it can’t be Ojou-sama, are you planning to go? You’re joking, right?”

“We wouldn’t know unless we see if it’s a product that my magic can pass through or not, right?”

“B-but I don’t think Master will allow it.”

“If it’s the main street, I don’t think it will be dangerous. Or could the shop’s location not be on the main street?”

“No, even if it’s the main street, I don’t think he would give his permission, but…… it’s on the west craftsmen street. I won’t go as far as to say the public order is usually bad, but a ruckus may occur as well as it is. That’s why it is not a place someone from a high class would enter out of their own accord, really.”

No kidding, that’s rejected, rejected!

At Ronnie who shook his head with the momentum, Cordelia deliberately let out a sigh.

“……I understand. Well then, Ronnie.”


With a broad smile, Cordelia declared to the magician who had a clearly relieved face.

“Please choose clothes for a town girl of about my age…… or otherwise an apprentice magician clothes for me to wear by tomorrow afternoon.”


“I will go collect the cost shortly. I can count on you, right?”

“Nononono, that’s not possible!!”

Ronnie, who was becoming white as a sheet, finally let out a cry.

However, while thinking that he was pitiful, Cordelia didn’t have the choice of changing her mind. That’s why, making face as if it was natural, as if saying something that was a matter of course, she continued to say a request that was obviously unreasonable in a matter-of-fact way.

“If a noble went, they would stand out, wouldn’t they? Since that’s the case, I think there is no other way but to do it like this.”

“No, um, Ojou-sama, even with the clothes, what about Master’s permission?”

“Otou-sama won’t be able to come back from the territory until the day after tomorrow. Did you forget the master’s schedule?”


“We have only tomorrow.”

With a serious face, Cordelia pressed Ronnie on with words.

If here she was told “Nonetheless, without confirming the master’s intentions, I can’t agree to this” or something like that, Cordelia wouldn’t have anything to come back with. That’s why she had to talk him into it somehow. That’s what she thought.

That’s why she determinedly stared fixedly at Ronnie while he gulped and was trying to speak, looking panicked.

“……I understand. However, please bring along some people as a minimum escort guards. I as well, if I use magic as I please, I can protect you as well, however I could kill you if I lost control.”

Yes, Cordelia relaxed her expression at Ronnie who raised both his hands as if he had given up. However, what was multiplied were the two words with contradicting contexts of sympathy and delivering the final blow.

“Thank you. But guards are impossible. Since Otou-sama will find out, so I’ll look forwards to you protecting me without holding back…… no, to not getting caught in trouble in the first place.”

While she felt sorry for Ronnie who was hanging his head, Cordelia did not feel like retracting her words at all. In addition,

“……I’ll expect a special reward for this.”

Although there was a slightly resentful gaze mixed in, but this magician was someone who served the Pameradia. Not making a move for free, he was a warrior who hand such a nature, after all——.

Sorry for the delay, this chapter had a lot of scientific facts and vocabulary that I had to check the net for in order to guarantee a (hopefully) accurate translation.

That aside, Ronnie seems to be a really nice guy with a brain full of science, who cares for Cordelia a lot..
I feel like we’re going to see a lot of him throughout the story..


27 thoughts on “Drop!! Act 5”

    1. Well, see, first, when they go to register at the adventurers guild, they’ll be accosted by some giant brute who will try to intimidate her, only she’ll defeat him with her OP sword skills…

      Wait, wrong template? 🙃

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  1. Meh, I could give ronnie a pass
    I mean he’s cute and all, but I kinda want her to be independent/able to do things herself… I get there are advantages to being noble and having paid staff but if it’s going to be a grovel fest in the future with “without you none of X would be possible” continuously it’s like how much is your ability and how much is you taking credit for other people’s work? I dunno, it’s still early to see how things turn out.
    And it kinda irks me he snuck in to watch her when she was experimenting… You wouldn’t spy on a fellow magician would you? Right? Let the woman have her private mad scientist experiments in peace, regardless of her age.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this, I suppose I’m just on team loner/self-reliance.
    I mean he offered to teach her a freaking skill and then talked her out of it in 2 seconds flat with the argument of “but it’s quicker if you just let others/me do it.”
    Woman. I want to smack you. If someone offers you a badass skill like analysis that would make your life 10000000x easier, freaking take the time to learn it.

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    1. In case you missed it, she did try to learn the skill so she could do it all alone, but then again there are a few points to take into consideration:
      1- It will take a lot of time to learn, and she wants to get started with her experiments as soon as possible.
      2- She is young, with no experience or knowledge regarding this world, so if she wanted professional analysis fast, she should rely on someone who knows what he’s doing.
      3- There is a limit to what a single person can do by themselves. She could try learning all sorts of things, like analysis and combat (so she doesn’t need to rely on anybody when going out, whether to gather plants or just an outing in town), as well as cooking, house keeping, coach driving, sewing, jewelry making, etc… and she wouldn’t need to rely on anyone, ever. But by then her life would have been over without her having enjoyed a single moment, only focused on learning things so that she doesn’t need to rely on anyone. Realistically speaking, what she is doing is the right thing (not to mention the most efficient one). Doing everything yourself is kind of impossible .
      4- A product in real life doesn’t get produced by a single person, but by a group of people putting their skills together. That aside, Ronnie only provided analysis on whether there was poison in the plants or not, just in case the magic in this world affected the plants in some ways. Cordelia is the one who extracted the essential oils. This is just like making an art project from materials you bought from the supermarket (eg. coloured papers, glue, water colours, etc…). In this case, the things you bought are already guaranteed to be safe as well as effective, which in Cordelia’s case, she had Ronnie do the guaranteeing. When your project is done, do you have to list the names of the people who verified the quality and safety of the things you used, or do you only say you’re the one who made the project? Are you taking credit for other people’s work?

      Also Ronnie didn’t sneak up on her. She was the one so absorbed that she didn’t notice anyone entering. He saw she was absorbed, and didn’t want to disturb her. Plus he most likely was only running away from his boring duties, and he also most probably was very curious about what Cordelia was doing since she didn’t explain anything to him, so he took the chance and went to see.

      Give Cordelia some time. I’m sure she would pick up the analysis skill herself as she gets more experience, and by then, she wouldn’t need anyone doing the analysis..


      1. I totally get you can’t do everything yourself, but I didn’t see her in this chapter attempting to learn it with a teacher, just a dialogue on how he’d be a terrible teacher. I’m not asking her to learn combat and every skill in existence like some op mc, just to work harder to persistently master skills relevant to perfecting her craft like analysis.
        I’m not even saying that their co-op right now is bad, because she is young, just that I hope that in the future she takes on more. (I didn’t say anything about her delegating tasks to the chef after all because it makes sense, she can’t be running from here to kingdom come looking for herbs.) Hence my wish that it won’t be a constant “thank you” fest in the future.
        Also, she mentioned she wouldn’t share the process with him, in her thoughts, then she basically does just that. I think it is sneaking/spying when she shrieks upon noticing him though, she was expecting to be alone. She went somewhere isolated to be alone and experiment, then stalker homie shows up and bam suddenly it’s let’s share our secrets time. Whether others can reproduce what she did and if she benefited from it is beside the point. It should have been her space, but he just decided all laissez-faire to barge in because he wanted to. So, I return to saying, let the girl go all mad scientist on her own, giver her some space man. If she sensed a problem she probably would have come to you anyway since you’re “close.”
        And, Ronnie is really getting negative points from me for skipping work. Everyone has responsibilities, being so blasé about shirking yours does nothing for me.
        As I said, it’s still early to see how things turn out, but yeah, ronnie does nothing for me. This gal is on team loner/independence until someone worthy comes along.


  2. I dont like how impatient the MC is.. it is just beckoning disastors… i mean, she could AT LEAST, check to see if her brother or something would come home anytime soon, and then have him escort her (since he got permission to take her to a fucking mountain with wild beasts and such)………… right, we all just know that something will happen when she goes out to buy those experiment tools <.<


    1. The rest of Act from after mojotranslations dropped it is already done, just needs a few modifications. I’ll post it after those are done. Inaccurate Translations is also working on it, so you might want to check there as well..


  3. Thank you for the chapter~
    I was debating whether to skip the scientific stuff about plants. I read it in the end cause I thought it might be useful sometime in the future lol. I feel it was explained for simple people like me, such that even I was able to understand the gist of it

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  4. Quick question! Could you possibly do a character identification for those shown on the cover of this Light Novel? I think I have a strong guess as to who is who, but with Ronnie introduced, I want to know if he is on the color. Cough cough, i want to know what ronnie looks like cough.! If you could so please or can do it >.<

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