Drop!! Act 4

Act 4     An encounter with a potential collaborator?

It has been a few days since the outing to the forest. A lot of herbs had been transplanted into Cordelia’s greenhouse. And it has started to expand just a little…… that is to say, it was coming together little by little.

In addition to lavender, mint, and lemon balm that she had heard about beforehand, there were the calendulas which Ishma had told her about, and furthermore the chamomiles that were besides them, etc. were all beautifully lined up.

Surrounded by these flowers, Cordelia was investigating the whereabouts of the next plants she wanted to get her hands on in a book she had brought out from the library. In truth, she wanted to immediately start refining the essential oils, however because the plants she had brought back were not recognized as common medicinal plants, currently the Pameradia House’s analytic magician was in the middle of investigating them for the presence of danger.

Therefore, under the circumstances of them being in custody, she had free time on her hands, however analyzing them itself wasn’t all inconvenient for Cordelia. If by relying on the knowledge of her previous life, then she could come to the decision that there was no toxicity in them, but since she didn’t yet fully grasp the involvements of this world’s magical power, if by chance something like that was present, then it would be serious. That’s why if without having to investigate herself and by just waiting she was going to get results, then it would be a great help.

Incidentally, thinking that he might know if he had been able to do the analysis, Cordelia wrote a list of the good effects of the plants and handed it to the analytic magician. With the request to see if he could figure out whether it had such effects or not.

For example, peppermint improves psychoneurotic symptoms such as drowsiness and lack of concentration, as well as improves anorexia, has painkilling effects, and so on. Lemon balm improves nerve pains caused by anxiety, insomnia, and migraines. Chamomile helps with stiff shoulders and back pains, lavender improves nerve fatigue, neurogenic gastritis, and sleeping disorders, and also the calendula that Ishma told her about, which helps with the improvement of dermatitis.

What she wrote were the main uses, but when she handed it to the analytic magician, the magician showed a troubled face.
It seems that investigating this is way more difficult than investigating for toxicity.

Incidentally, the analytic magician in charge was Ronnie, a newbie magician who it has been two years since he came to the Pameradia House. And the one who nominated him was Cordelia. And the reason for that was just simply because he was the youngest. Knowing that she was going to do something that was outside of the common sense, she felt that someone young who looked like he didn’t have a fixed style was the best. Of course, there were also veteran magicians with flexible thinking within the Pameradia magicians…… or so she thought, but if they were too much of a veteran then Cordelia will shrink back. Asking a young person was somehow easier.

However, at first Ronnie was unusually reluctant to accept Cordelia’s request of being her analysis magic adviser. If she was to say, it was that Ronnie was an extraordinarily excellent magician, but being a complete amateur when it came to etiquette, talking with an ojou-sama was something he had to give some thought to. But for Cordelia, he was someone who was at home, and if he had high skills, then she didn’t mind his speech being somewhat crude.

Also, even if the other party was crude, if she conducted herself like usual, then her appearance of being a “lady” won’t come off.

“Nonetheless…… Ronnie looked like he was having a lot of fun for saying that it was difficult, didn’t he.”

Is his usual job not that interesting, I wonder? While wondering about this, Cordelia closed the book she was reading. And on the paper she had in her hand, she proceeded to write the name of a place.

“If I can, next I will acquire rosemary, right. I want to drink it in white wine…… but even if I think that, the current still can’t drink.”

It appears that there are no age restrictions regarding drinking alcohol in this country (to be exact, drinking outside was only allowed after becoming an adult at 16, but it seems that there were no laws restricting it inside the house as well), but with the current size of her body she would certainly get drunk quickly. That was not good. She can’t show a shameful sight.

While having these thoughts, Cordelia put the pen down.
And while at it, thought about making a pencil. Although as one might expect, she was used to using a pen, she missed that comfort while writing. Selling them together with erasers might prove useful—— while thinking such things and so on, she reviewed the paper she had just written.

“But…… I wonder, if it is the case that I will ‘probably’ obtain rosemary. As far as the literature is concerned, it is not clear whether it is found in this country or not.”

If it was a rosemary found in the stocks, if she didn’t care about its condition, then she would be able to obtain it without fail.
But if she wanted it to be in a good condition, then that might prove to be a bit difficult. Having thought of that, Cordelia let out a little sigh.

Rosemary is an herb that is well used in cooking even in this country. That’s why Cordelia thought it would be easy for her to obtain it as well, but when she tried to obtain it, it turned out that the ones used in cooking were almost all dry herbs imported from foreign countries. Moreover, they weren’t exactly importing rosemary, it was just a cushioning material that was imported together when importing the eggs of an ostrich-like bird called Groega. (Incidentally, ostriches themselves didn’t exist in this world, also the eggs were more delicious than those of ostriches.) Also, the reason the chefs of this country adopted rosemary in their cooking was because the adopted the custom of using rosemary along with the eggs from the country they were imported from, then applied that to other cooking. However, in the end, it could not be said that rosemary, which was being used as a “high-grade cushioning material”, was not in a desirable state as a raw material.

In other words, there was a need to obtain a stock, and then make dried rosemary by herself.

(From what I read in books, even in the origin of import it doesn’t look like “they use rosemary as a cushioning material because they become rotten”…… Is the price being raised due to the set commercial law, or is it treated as a cosmetics case, I wonder. Either way, it isn’t a big problem, though.)

Even though Cordelia was having such thoughts, she had also read in a book that in this country also, there was a specific location – also in the mountains – where rosemary existed naturally. It’s just that, since it was written that their fragrance was inferior to that of the imported ones, she couldn’t guess what they would actually be like. Therefore, in order to also verify what they were really like, she picked up that location, and afterwards several others with similar environments and magic circulation as seen from a map. However, it was just that since the book it was mentioned in was about 100 years old, she didn’t know how similar it would be to the current state of things.

(This is a problem……)

Perhaps by asking her father or elder brother she might be able to get a little more details, but at the same time she thought that she most probably wouldn’t be able to get the answers she wanted. That was because she recently came to know that the main use for the magic that meddled with plants that the Pameradias mainly used was for poisons. Although it seems that in the past there was once a pharmacist, but focused mainly on the battlefield, and at that also, because they were from a family lineage that fought on the front lines, it seems that rather than medical care they specialized in combat. That’s way the usage of plants differed greatly from Cordelia’s for her objectives. In other words, the chances that she would hear the answers she expected weren’t high. (Incidentally speaking, because of magic skills being almost a tradition, no data remained of the pharmacist’s magic. Only a small description that could be read that the earl of the time had written in his diary.)

Anyways, at this rate she might soon reach the limit of the information about medicinal plants she can get from book. Once she reached it, Cordelia would need to also get her hands on books from foreign countries, and thought that she once again must more thoroughly study the traditional cuisine and the instances of the use of medicinal plants in the folk remedies of those foreign countries. Recently, in relation to her progress during her lessons being too good, they have become only in the morning. If that was the case, if she had the cooperation of a tutor who was free in the afternoon, then her pace will also increase.

In any case, the top priority right now was to obtain a stock from the place she came to know about. And then, looking at the situation in the greenhouse, eventually grow a lot of herbs in big plantations.

“I wonder if I should ask Onii-sama to take me with him again. But, Onii-sama as well might actually want to let the horse to run faster…… if that is the case, then I’d be in his way, wouldn’t I.”

While being at a loss, Cordelia let out a breath.

She wanted to quickly become able to ride by herself. But, she doubted she would be able to receive permission to go out alone with just being able to ride. If that’s the case, then she needed to learn attack-oriented magic to at least be able to protect herself. Should she increase the amount of her magic handling classes?

“But that is no good, too. Seeking attacking magic while aiming to become a lady…… I won’t get through with guard techniques. Some things are impossible.”

While tilting her head, Cordelia thought that, however, for now she should wait for Ishma’s return home and then try consulting him regarding the next collection. She wouldn’t stand for him to keep spending his vacations on his little sister. But if she consulted him, then she thought she might be able to figure an alternative, good plan.

“About the rosemary too…… as I thought, should I try consulting the head chef?”

The head chef’s enthusiasm and sincerity for cooking are very high. That’s why, if she insisted on the possibility of existence of the high-quality rosemary, she felt like he would search for a method together with her. No, he would most definitely for sure lend her a hand. Also, if it was him who negotiated directly with merchants regarding ingredients, he might be able to somehow give her a way to do it.

(Alright then. Before Ishma-niisama comes back home next time, let’s try talking to the head chef.)

Thinking that, Cordelia took a sip of black tea.

Eventually, she intended to deal with several kinds of herb tea, but will the people of this country who are accustomed to the taste of this black tea accept herb tea? Will it become easier to accept if she rather sold it as a healthy food? Without her noticing it, the inside of Cordelia’s head has become filled with herbs all the time.

Just like that, Cordelia has been spending the few days until Ronnie finishes the analysis relatively relaxed, but during that time, a boy of the same age was one day all of a sudden introduced to her.

The boy’s name is Verno Frantoheim. He is the eldest son of the House of Marquis Frantoheim.

Bearing a dazzling smile, he came together with Marquis Frantoheim to the House of Earl Pameradia.

That day, Cordelia’s nanny Emina, who usually didn’t disturb her, came to get Cordelia with a pale face. And then, as she hurriedly was helping Cordelia get dressed in a fancy dress that she didn’t wear every day, explained to her that “Marquis Frantoheim, along with his son, had come to visit.”

I see. Cordelia understood that apparently she was to appear in front of that son.

However, up until now, she had never met with her father’s guests. Therefore, she had questions as to why is it that she was called this time. Moreover, since the other party was Marquis Frantoheim, she didn’t understand the reason even more. The House of Frantoheim who had appeared in history books, and who as nobles, were guaranteed to receive the highest level of education. They were of the highest pedigree even among marquises. Honestly speaking, she had questions like “why did someone that great come all the way to the House of an Earl?” She even wondered if something bad had happened. After all, she had never heard before that her father and the Marquis got along well.

It was a story that she heard about later, but the case was that after the meeting in the castle that took all night was over, when Elvis was about to return to the mansion at dawn, he was coincidentally sighted by Marquis Frantoheim, who, saying “Just in time!”, forcefully intruded. (And after learning of the circumstances, Cordelia thought to herself, “That’s the reason why Otou-sama was in a bad mood that day!” Anyone would get angry if suddenly attacked while being down right exhausted at dawn after an all-nighter.)

At this point in time, however, Cordelia who hasn’t been told anything had many questions, but before she knew, it was already time to head to the drawing room. Entering the room while being urged by her attendant, she found two men and one boy in front of her. One was of course her own, good-looking father, but as for the other two, the Frantoheim father and son, it was Cordelia’s first time meeting them. The marquis was a gentle looking man, while the boy had big, round eyes. Cordelia curtseyed the two as she checked their appearances.

“My name is Cordelia Ena Pameradia. It’s a pleasure making your acquaintance.”

That she was able to do it elegantly and smoothly were all the results of her training. Even though she looked young, she had confidence in her correct posture, which had been ingrained until her spine and of which she was proud, and in her calm pronunciation. Although her father tended to be sweet on his daughter, he who was a former knight was rather strict about etiquette. Even if Cordelia actually received a passing mark from her tutor, there are times when her father would complain many times that “her angle wasn’t good”. However, regarding Cordelia’s curtsey today, even her father didn’t move even one eyebrow. It appears that she had passed even from her father’s point of view.

In response to such a greeting by Cordelia, Marquis Frantoheim, with a gentle air and equally gentle voice, nodded “Yeah” with one big nod.

“I apologize for intruding all of a sudden. I am Leonard Frantoheim. This is my son, Verno. You two are of the same age.”

At that, Cordelia pinched the hem of her skirts one more time. However, to the contrary to her flowing motion, Cordelia’s heart was jumping. Hiding her surprise, she managed in contrast to smile loosely. But, her uneasiness didn’t lessen. That boy’s name was too unexpected.


When she recalled the name, and once more confirmed it in her mind, Cordelia felt like she would involuntarily scream.

It was a name that matched the name of a character that had appeared in the game. Their entanglement being in the city, and since his last name didn’t appear until the end, the Heroine always called him “Verno-sama”. Cordelia remembered the fact that he was the son of a marquis’ House had come up during a conversation, but for her, meeting him at her own home was completely unexpected. She wanted to praise herself from her heart for not screaming.

If she wasn’t mistaken, Verno was a friendly character towards the Heroine. However, even if she remembered this, Cordelia was not very wary. That was because Verno was someone who could be said to be harmless for Cordelia. In the first place, “Cordelia” was someone who had no interest in anyone other than the prince. That’s why there was no scenario of her being involved with Verno. Of course, she could think of the possibility of them being acquainted in high society outside of the game, but there were no events at all of them actually getting in touch with each other.

That’s why, he was a completely safe person—— or so she would like to say, but it wasn’t that way for Cordelia. After all, he was the Prince’s school friend. Moreover, they supposedly had a very good relationship. She didn’t know when he might become a threat.

(……The Prince’s school friend, huh. He has already met the Prince, hasn’t he? I wonder if he is someone I better avoid, after all.)

If she got close to him, wouldn’t the possibility of getting involved with the Prince somewhat rise?

If it was a normal noble daughter, that might be something to be happy about, but Cordelia was different. She couldn’t see him as anyone other than the one she had to avoid the most at the moment.

Even if that was what for a moment came to her mind, she couldn’t let it show on her face. In the first place, whatever she thought of, right now it wouldn’t do not to entertain the guests. Since that’s the case, she should postpone thinking to later. Cordelia bowed to Verno one more time. However, Cordelia saw that Verno was making a face as if he was seeing something slightly odd. That was a behavior that wasn’t like a son of a marquis’ House. Furthermore, Verno didn’t correct it until he was prompted to by the Marquis.

“I’m Verno Frantoheim. Nice to meet you.”

Verno, who opened his mouth, as if it had no relation to the silence up until just a little while ago, said that with a childish and loveable voice. Which again goes well with that appearance. With such looks, he looked cuter than the girls in the area, but the in-game him was a young man who had slightly drooping eyes with sharp pupils. Right now, he was a boy who only “cute” suited him, but if you look carefully, you will feel that there are definitely parts that will transform to become manly in the future. Perhaps because the Marquis who was standing next to him was looking at him with such eyes. His voice too, she had a memory of it being lower but a sweet voice, or so Cordelia worried while remembering as she looked at the marquis father and son.

“Elvis and I are old friends, you see.”

Cordelia was surprised a bit at the Marquis’ words. That’s because it was something that she had never heard about before. In the first place, her father rarely talked about his friendships and the like – he sometimes talked about his interest relations – but since the Marquis was saying so, even if her father was showing an unusually annoyed face, that must have been the case. Even if it was a situation in which her father made a face Cordelia had never seen him make before, she still accepted that this was the case. The adults might have circumstances that they could not say.

Nonetheless, what kind of intentions included bringing these childhood friends’ son and daughter together? Cordelia though about it, and then reached one conclusion. And that was—— the possibility of it being a “marriage meeting” (Omiai). Eh, it couldn’t be that her fiancé would be decided at 8 years old during our first meeting…… could it? Right, Cordelia broke into cold sweat. However, as a result, such worries of Cordelia ended in unnecessary anxieties. In return, she was put in the difficult situation of having to hear a story that was terribly filled with passion.

It was the story which took too long that the tea in front of them became cold, and was too difficult for 8 years old children, of the Marquis’ own romance. It was at any rate a long story, full of love, that she was tired from laughing with a forced smile. Furthermore, his tone of voice was like a leading actor in a play. And that too, wasn’t like that of a smart actor, but an extremely hot blooded one which didn’t suit him. Cordelia, too, listened until about halfway through the story, but in outline, she understood that the Marquis wanted from the bottom of his heart to treasure his wife…… or so she felt. She felt that she was able to understand a tenth, no, a hundredth. That’s why would never say something like she thought “being loved this much seems heavy” or the like. Clearly, also her father who was making an unpleased face, as well as Verno, who seemed to have already lost interest in anything other the snacks, looked like they were not listening to the Marquis’ speech, but since they didn’t interrupt the Marquis, he was able to continue his “love has worth only because the two people’s feelings are the same” with a good mood until the end. It was more important than anything else that he looked in a pleasant mood.

And so, as a result, the closing words that the Marquis arrived at were the following.

“If you found a girl you like, you ought to take her for yourself with all you have! You would do well to remember that well.”

So he’s supposed to steal her away?! Also, is this something to preach to an 8 years old?! For various reasons, Cordelia wanted to smile bitterly, but from this speech, she understood that the Marquis is probably not someone who would decide the engagement of children without giving them a say in the matter. Also that the Frantoheim House (at least while the Marquis is in service) is free from political marriages. If by chance Verno said that he wanted to get engaged or the like, then there is a chance that the Marquis’ tension will end up rising, but from what she could see, Verno too didn’t seem interested in anything other than the snacks.

That’s why, with how things were going, it didn’t seems there were feelings of “she’s the daughter of a childhood friend, and her age is also suitable, so should we get them engaged?” at all and because of it she felt relieved, Cordelia secretly stroked her heart.

Even if Verno became her fiancé, the downfall route would never be opened to Cordelia…… or it shouldn’t. That’s why if she had to say whether it was inconvenient or not, then it would be not. However, if you could get a fiancé just by experiencing your first love, then it’s something that she would like to be spared from. Since it would be much awaited, if possible she wanted to be able to experience romance. Although this is a tale that was still further into the future, at the current point in time, since she couldn’t imagine it, she would get embarrassed just by thinking deeply about it.

Beside Cordelia who was like that, her father let out a bitter voice.

“The story of your romance is filled with nothing but things that were left out!”

Because of the Marquis’ impassioned speech, her father lightly raised his hand, and while urging the servants with his eyes to change the tea that had gone completely cold, this is what he said. “Do you remember how much hardship I had to go through because of you?” “Because of that I aged three more years!” “Don’t you forget who had to take care of the cleanup afterwards!” was what her father was saying, but the Marquis just brushed it aside in an easygoing manner. Apparently her father had to endure some great hardships, and so while pretending to not have heard anything, Cordelia pressed her hands together in prayer in her mind.

But someone her father who was particular about etiquette would use rude language with without hesitation, they surely do get along…… it would be difficult to see that, but it is a relationship where they knew each other so well that they didn’t need to worry about it, or in which a favor great enough that they didn’t need to worry about it existed between them. Thinking she wanted to hear about it in more details, Cordelia endured a bit more while smiling widely.

However, Verno, who as opposed to Cordelia wasn’t interested in such a conversation between the adults, seemed to have also realized that the speech was over. Even though he was supposed to not have listened to the story at all after he said “I’m tired of hearing this story from Father”, he cleanly redeemed his somewhat already broken attitude to how it was before.

The Pamerdia family members…… no, most probably even if one was an ordinary noble, even if they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t break their posture until the talk was over – although there were no such speeches done in the Pameradia House – but apparently it seems that wasn’t the case between the Frantoheim father and son. Or perhaps it was just that the Marquis was talking with such enthusiasm that he didn’t notice. If that’s the case, then it seems that Verno is really good at dealing with him. Let’s remember it…… just as Cordelia thought that, Verno looked at Cordelia and quietly smiled.

“Say, you have a greenhouse, don’t you? Show me!”

Was it her imagination? Cordelia felt that his appearance behind his attitude from a while ago, which she could see from up close, was different from that of an obedient child. If that prediction was on mark, then he would be quite an un-childlike child. There is even a possibility that he will become someone to be careful of whether he was related to the Prince or not.

But getting away from the conversation of the adults was just what Cordelia wished for. Especially since she might leak out a dry smile this time if the Marquis started his romance tale once more. Cordelia, who thought that was not proper for a lady, replied “I will guide you there” to Verno with a smile.

And then, the greenhouse that Verno was led to was apparently a building that exceeded his expectations.

He walked around inside curiously, and when he saw the mint, he asked “What kind of plant is this? Will some kind of beautiful flower bloom from it?” in a marvel. However, since she was still in the research phase, other than the plant’s name, it would be difficult to explain things in more details to a child…… or rather, because Cordelia, who didn’t want to get involved with him much, didn’t want to explain, dodged the question with a vague laugh.

But just right then, Verno’s round eyes narrowed down a little.

“You’re a strange one”

“……Is it because I’m left-handed?”

Carrying a slight atmosphere of his future self, Verno threw those frank words at Cordelia. Cordelia wanted to return those same words right back at him, but it wouldn’t do to get carried with it right now. Titling her head as if she didn’t have any idea what he was talking about, Cordelia returned a question back to him. Though of course, in her heart, she felt that he was a bit of a difficult opponent. However, the words that Verno continued on with were just like the ones just now, a simple opinion.

“Yeah. Just like a man!”

Cordelia, 8 years old.

Born and brought up beautifully, furthermore her education started since birth……. and also, she received a shock from a single word that, aside from him, she wouldn’t hear from anybody thereafter.

She didn’t remember well her time as a Japanese person, but Cordelia has already been living here for eight years. She understands how the behavior of men and women in this world is different. When she was doing research, she was aware that in the house it was well known to be “slightly” unusual…… but she never had any intention to be man-like enough to be told that by a boy she had just met for the first time. That alone shocked her.

Nonetheless, that her face did not twitch any further was, as expected, due to her upbringing as a noble daughter.

Similarly, Verno also was a noble, and should have learned to some extent how to treat ladies. If any other noble daughter was told such a thing, she would cry…… was what Cordelia was thinking, but in the first place, since its Verno, it won’t be easy for him to think that the other noble daughters are like men. That’s precisely why he commented on Cordelia that she was “strange”.

Verno turned his eyes to the mint, and then continued on with his words.

“Because you see, noble girls would first stare at me, and then their faces would turn red, you know? Your reaction, it’s the same as a boy’s.”

“……Please excuse me for that.”

“I don’t really mind. On the contrary, it seems I won’t need to worry about strange things.”

Laughing mischievously like this as befitting his age, he wasn’t the boy who was bad at communicating from earlier who he made people believe he was. This appearance of his made Cordelia too relax her shoulders a little bit. That somehow or the other, it doesn’t seem that he is an opponent who it wouldn’t do if she was not cautious against. That on the contrary, it looks like she was the only one who was being cautious.

“Verno-sama, do you visit the houses of noble daughters often?”

“Occasionally. It’s a pain, but apparently if I don’t meet whom Father tells me to, I won’t get to have a big romance.”

“……That’s certainly so, isn’t it.”

Indeed, in order for it to become the great romance that the Marquis spoke of, he first needed to meet his destined person. If he didn’t have many encounters, then such a stunning encounter would not happen—— Cordelia wanted to look into the distance, but strongly bore it and agreed. However, it seems that Verno, who honestly said “it’s a pain” as if it was natural, didn’t have any interest in romance yet. Rather, he might even have had enough of being brought around everywhere.

It’s hard having a father who had a great romance, too, huh. Her condolences. Cordelia silently sympathized in her heart.

“……By the way, are you interested in flowers and plants, Verno-sama?”

“To be honest, I don’t think I’m that much interested. But, if you would be able to keep birds from the southern countries with temperature regulation, then…… well, I don’t think I wouldn’t want it.”

So that was it, as expected, the reason he wanted to come to the greenhouse was just as an excuse to get away from the drawing room. As she didn’t have any expectations of him being a boy who was interested in medicinal plants, she could only think “as expected”, but from the topic she brought up, she got the information that he didn’t even think about it.

“There is talk about making something like this at the Royal Castle, too. It seems like it is what the Queen hopes for, and the Prince also looks like he’s interested.”

“……You’re well informed, I see.”

“That’s because I’m studying together with His Highness, you see.”

As expected, it seems he is acquainted with the Prince. And he was speaking like they got along fairly well. This fact bolstered the caution that Cordelia loosened for a moment, but when she thought about it really, really well, she realized that there is a possibility that he, who knew the Prince’s tendencies, can be very convenient for her. ——Yes, it would be convenient for avoiding the Prince if she heard stories from someone close to him. That’s why she thought, on the contrary, wouldn’t getting close to Verno be a good plan instead?

Thinking such things, just for a little bit, Cordelia’s expression became serious.

Verno just stared at Cordelia who was like that. And then he slowly relaxed his expression.

“……You’re really unusal, aren’t you?”

“Is something the matter?”

“Are you not interested in the Prince?”

“……Where did that come from?”

Cordelia returned Verno’s question with a question, however, his amused looking face remained the same.

“Everyone would react immediately to the word ‘Prince’. The noble sons, as well as the noble daughters. Even though they would turn bright red when looking at me, they would still persistently want to get close to me. Why are you not the same?”

Hearing these words, Cordelia felt a bit for Verno.

Just by the fact that he was the son and heir of a Marquis House, by looking at his outward appearance, you could imagine that he had an easy position.

Furthermore, not only that, but if they were able to use him as a foothold towards the Prince, he would probably have a thing to dissatisfied about. She wondered if it was the fault of this that she could catch a glimpse of a calculated front different from innocence, despite him being young.

However, if that was the case, then all the more Cordelia judged that he was a person she could trust. If something happened, he will surely not judge by the surface only. Thinking this, Cordelia looked straight at Verno, and then conveyed to him.

“Well…… I respect the reign of His Majesty, but as to His Highness, I do not have anything to talk with him about. ……Also”


“Since rather than His Highness whom I have never seen before, Otou-sama seems to be the more wonderful man to me.”

So Cordelia said laughing, however, Verno nodded looking convinced.

“As expected, I really can’t seem to understand a woman’s heart, huh. It’s too complicated and difficult. But talking to you is easy, if you ever had something you would like to ask, it would be great if you came talked with me about it.”

“Same here. Please treat me kindly from now on.”

“Would you mind if I called you Delly?”

“By all means, feel free to do so.”

And just like that, Cordelia succeeded in making a connection with a future prospective friend of the Prince. Of course, she didn’t have any intention of using it only one-sidedly. Since he said he didn’t understand the thing called a woman’s heart, she thought of giving him advice anytime. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any experience with romance, but she didn’t hate listening to love stories in her previous life.

However, the reason was because she felt that it would rather disastrous if his standards for romance were to be influenced any more by that Marquis’ story. And even more than that—— “But I really think that it would be better if the statue of the goddess in this greenhouse was a bit more plump. It’s the Goddess of Plenty, isn’t it?” it was because she thought it was important teach a woman’s heart to the 8-years-old who was saying this with a serious look.

She did think that it was a good thing for children to be honest, but, Cordelia shrugged her shoulders, being too honest might sometimes cause them to get hurt.

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      Also, Inaccurate Translations is also working on it right now..

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    1. I plan to translate this until the end (currently there are 52 chapters in the web novel), but I unfortunately don’t really have a schedule for the releases..
      The chapters are long as you can see, so translating them takes a long time, plus I’m a college student, so I translate after I get home from classes and I have the time, so I can’t say I’ll be able to stick to a fixed schedule..
      College is on break right now, so I’ve got the time. I’ll be able to finish Act 5 and maybe also Act 6 while I’m still on break, so please look forward to them.. 😊

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    1. You’re welcome.. 😊
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      I even went and checked the raws for Act 1 to make sure, and also checked with the kanji used in different novels (Hakushaku to Yousei – Earl and Fairy, Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami – Common Sense for a Duke’s Daughter), so I guess the mistake is in the translation of Act 1..


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